sexta-feira, dezembro 18, 2015

Disease is the set of organic-functional and resultant mental modifications of the reaction of the organism to an aggression and represents its recover. Only attempt makes a certain disease that organism that can, which is bearer of the relation gen-environment-constitution to this disease.
The individual is already determined in his organic-functional-mental potentialities in anfimíxie. The individual pathologic possibilities are contained in the general constitutions and in the partial pathological constitutions. All the functions and reactions of the organism accomplish by mechanisms imuno-allergic.

The organism reacts to all and any substance in it introduced ( food, medication or any other substance) through mechanism immune-allergic and this reaction of the organism is individual and property of a certain moment of this individual.
The immune-allergic reaction is the antigen-antibody reaction, which is specific in the animals and non-specific in the man. One only antigen can provoke the variedest organic reactions ( diseases ) and a certain organic reaction ( disease ) be provoked by anyone of different antigens. " The disease only depends on the organism".

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