sexta-feira, dezembro 18, 2015

Dr. Celso Batello, homeopathy doctor, with formation in anesthesia, academic professor, occupied relevance several positions, among them, was Health Director of the City of Santo André in Dr.Brandão's Administration, having this increased occasion already existing services, and implanted the health next services:

• Clinic of Pain;
• Odonto Baby;
• Homeopathy ambulatory;
• Prevention ambulatory of Buccal Cancer;
• Reference center of the Teenager of Santo André;
• Center of Integral Attention to the woman's Health;
• Cardio-respiratory center of Santo André, serving as reference for other medical centers;

He believes in possibility to create means to available to population the use of the medicine integrative, like homeopathy, acupuncture, RPG, quiropraxy and another.

He considers viable, create ways for permanence of the companies in the City, avoiding the emptying of the industries and cooling of the commerce, which has been causing the impoverishment of the City, with consequent increase of the unemployment

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